Connecting business to good

Here at Ānima, we believe in supporting organizations to find better ways to use their time, effort, and money.

One method of doing this is helping businesses to discover the magic of good by supporting them in launching a CSR strategy.

What is CSR?

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is becoming increasingly more important and is a chance for businesses and organizations to give back to the local community. This self-regulating model is about being socially accountable and working to reduce the social, economic, and environmental impact you are having on the planet.

How Ānima can help

We know how confusing CSR can be, which is why our experienced team is here to help you understand how to do good for your local community. We offer a wide array of services in Mexico City and Amsterdam, including:

    • Community involvement

      We’ll help your employees get involved in community development, inspiring your entire team to participate in volunteer opportunities and support local causes.
    • Responsible Marketing

      We can help you identify marketing opportunities that have a positive impact on your business and the community around you.
    • Ethical initiatives

      We can support you in finding the right long-term partnerships to invest in through our Anima Programs.
    • Socially Responsible Recruitment

      Expand your horizons and discover truly diverse talent through our Anima community. This unique opportunity for collaboration will help you hire the very best individuals while also allowing you to support others on their journey.
    • Workshops

      Our workshops and classes can help you to further your own education as well as the wider community.
    • Experiences

      If you are looking for team-building exercises and truly unique CSR experiences in Mexico City or The Netherlands then check out how we can help you.

    Want to find out more?

    If you’re looking to launch a powerful CSR strategy or take your existing one to the next level, get in touch with our team today and discover the magic of doing good!

    Project Goals


    Promote empathy, equality, respect and understanding among all participants through acts of good.


    Help form a better connection with ourselves, with others and with the earth, reinforcing the thought that we are all one - through healthy habits and lifestyle.


    Optimize communication, dialogue, exchange of knowledge, languages, cultures and strengthening ties between communities in different countries.


    Build new realities, create new horizons through networks of good, incorporating different perspectives into the way of life of the participants.

    Project impact

    We use the theory of change model to evaluate our projects in order to understand and measure our overall impact.

    Renewed feelings of purpose
    Cultures & languages exchanged
    Acts of good exchanged

    Partners in project

    Businesses, institutions and ngo’s in this project’s network of good. 

    Follow the ripple of good