Connecting students to good

Working towards a more united tomorrow starts by connecting students today.

Connecting Worlds

When we connect groups of students to each other, they form a network of good that reaches beyond borders.

When we connect students from such a young age, we can hard-wire compassion into the younger generation. We can create the building blocks for a more equitable, sustainable and compassionate future for all people.

Our goal is for this connection to inspire students across the world to work together on projects for the good of themselves, others and the planet. By giving both sides more opportunities for education and connection with businesses and institutions across the world we can create a global community of support.

Even though these students come from two vastly different worlds, both sets of students can learn from each other, exchanging ideas and life experience. We all have something to bring to the table.

A network of good

We connect students through video calls, whatsapp groups, letter writing, creating youtube and tiktok videos, sending gifts, cultural and language exchanges.

We also organise events together with the school and parters as well as create online workshops with guest speakers including our indigenous voices. helping us connect to ourselves, the other and the earth.

Our first connection brought a public school from Mexico together with a private school from the Netherlands.

As of December 2021 we are collaborating with 4 schools in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in The Netherlands and Iztacalco and Iztapalapa in Mexico City.

Bringing together communities through networks of good.

Making student connections possible

COVID-19 has taught us more than ever the importance of technology in our daily lives.

It has left students without the proper technology or internet access without a way to attend school for almost two years. By leaving students from various parts of the world behind without mention or resources, it creates a very disempowering outlook for their future.

We recognise the importance of education for each of these students for themselves, their family and for society at large therefor are donating computers to those in need in order to participate in our projects.

Learn how to donate a computer here

Project Goals


Promote empathy, fairness, respect and understanding among all participants through acts of good.


Help form a better connection with ourselves, with others and with the earth, reinforcing the thought that we are all one; through healthy habits and lifestyle.


Optimize communication, dialogue, exchange of knowledge, languages, cultures and strengthening ties between communities in different countries.


Build new realities, create new horizons through networks of good, incorporating different perspectives into the way of life of the participants.

Project impact

We use the theory of change model to evaluate our projects in order to understand and measure our overall impact.

Student connections made
Acts of good exchanged
Horizons broadened
New perspectives for the future
Cultures & languages exchanged

The first step is creating this network of good. The ripple effect of change that gets passed on to their families will help build a brighter, more united future for all people and the planet.

Partners in project

Businesses, institutions and ngo’s in this project’s network of good. 

Follow the ripple of good