Connecting women to good

When we connect women together in a network of good, they pass on the benefits of that connection to their communities.

Connecting worlds

The heart and soul of a community lie within women.

Whether they are mothers or entrepreneurs, we believe that an empowered woman does whatever she wants with confidence and pride. It is our goal to help support women in being whoever and whatever it is they want to be.

They can help us identify gaps and bring people together in order to build strong networks of support. With this network of good, we give them more opportunities for education and connection with businesses across the world. They can help each other find their own purpose, support each other in growing their own businesses or simply find pride in who they are.

A network of good

We connect women through (online) events, video calls, whatsapp groups, sending gifts, cultural and language exchanges.

We also host events together with our partners, as well as create online workshops with guest speakers that include our business for good. helping everyone involved connect with themselves, the other and the earth.

As of December 2021 we are connecting 4 groups of women in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Iztacalco and Iztapalapa in Mexico City.

Uniting communities through networks of good.

Project Goals


Promote empathy, equality, respect and understanding among all participants through acts of good.


Help form a better connection with ourselves, with others and with the earth, reinforcing the thought that we are all one - through healthy habits and lifestyle.


Optimize communication, dialogue, exchange of knowledge, languages, cultures and strengthening ties between communities in different countries.


Build new realities, create new horizons through networks of good, incorporating different perspectives into the way of life of the participants.

Project impact

We use the theory of change model to evaluate our projects in order to understand and measure our overall impact.

Connections made
Renewed feelings of purpose
Equality felt
Acts of good exchanged

Partners in project

Businesses, institutions and ngo’s in this project’s network of good. 

Follow the ripple of good