Are you looking for new experiences and to step out of your comfort zone? Do you want to boost corporate social responsibility and connect with local communities?
Ānima is here to help you

We offer an array of online and in-person opportunities across Mexico City and The Netherlands designed to help you do just that.

These experiences have been designed to help companies connect to the community and have a positive social impact.

How our experiences can help

We all have the ability to do good, and here at Anima, we believe that when we come together and share the good that we all have inside, we are able to make the world a more united place. 

Our unique Mexico City and Amsterdam experiences can help you to:

  • Improve employee wellbeing, supporting them to be more creative and become the best version of themselves.
  • Expand your horizons and allow you to improve your own life and the lives of others, ensuring you can discover just how fun and rewarding it can be.
  • Promote empathy, respect, and equality amongst your team and the local community, truly embracing our phrase, “we are one”.
  • Support your company in growing your CSR strategy, ensuring you can discover the magic of doing good.
  • Maximize your marketing by giving you content that showcases how your team is helping the local community. We also have a host of volunteers and influencers who are regularly promoting these events on their own channels.

Build connections with our unique experiences:

We have worked hard to develop an array of team-building experiences to support your business and help you to make a positive social impact on your local community.


Mexico City

Connect to a community and discover the joy of giving 

One of the best ways to boost team bonding and create positivity throughout the local community is through the act of giving. This full-day experience will help you to connect to the community by donating clothes and other items to those most in need.

This is an opportunity to make a huge social impact, and we believe in embracing the “we are one” philosophy. That is why alongside the donations, the day will include an array of activities designed to bring everyone together. Whether it is dancing and singing, creating unique arts and crafts, or enjoying a shared lunch, this is your chance to boost your corporate social responsibility and truly make a difference.


Mexico City

Connect with local schools 

Are you looking to support the changemakers of tomorrow? This experience is not only a fun team-building exercise, but it will also help you to connect with local schools that are part of our Connection Program.

Despite living in a truly digital world, many students in Mexico City do not have access to laptops and digital devices that help support their learning. This experience will help you to make those essential donations to these schools, allowing students to transform their education. 

Of course, alongside this, we are focused on making a lasting connection to the community. The day will also see a host of fun activities designed to bring everyone together in a life-changing experience. 

In-person and Online

Amsterdam and The Hague & Mexico City

Seven acts of good 

Another popular experience that can either be run in-person in Mexico City or online is our unique workshop designed to teach attendees the seven acts of good and the skills and tools needed to connect with the natural world and foster empowerment.


Mexico City & Amsterdam

An act of kindness 

Ready to discover the magic of doing good? This experience is a great team-building exercise and can help you to make someone’s day. Your staff, alongside our team of kindness promotors that includes other volunteers, models, and influencers, ensure that your company will be noticed!

You will be encouraged to head out onto the street and share the love by handing out things such as flowers and coffee, as well as hugs and smiles. Encouraging our “we are one” ethos, this activity can be conducted anywhere in the local community, from the street to hospitals, nursing homes, and community centers.


Mexico City

Embrace the natural world 

Looking for Mexico City activities that not only help to create a positive social impact and connect to our traditional Mexican culture? This full-day activity will see your team join Señor Octavio (and his friends) in the stunning Los Dinamos forest to practice meditation alongside learning traditional indigenous dancing and singing. Your team will also be able to learn more about the Mexican culture by taking part in a traditional Temazcal ceremony. 

Focusing on team bonding, Octavio will guide each team member through an array of mindfulness experiences designed to help them connect with the earth. These activities will help each participant to connect with nature and the local community through song and dance.

In-person and Online

Mexico City

Holistic plant healing 

If you are looking for corporate social responsibility experiences that help your team to further connect with the earth and planet, then this is a fantastic team-building activity. Attendees will learn from indigenous healer and herbal specialist Olga, who will showcase multiple ways to utilize plants and herbs through cooking and demonstrations. 

These lessons will reveal the many health benefits these plants can provide, alongside promoting eating practices designed to boost self-care. She will take your team on a sustainability journey, ensuring that they will never look at the earth in the same way. 


Mexico City

Traditional Cooking 

Fancy experiencing delicious meals? Then our traditional cooking activities are for you! This will see employees learning to cook traditional Mexican food from women who have been doing it their entire lives, learning a host of new skills - including catching and cooking with insects!

They will impart their knowledge and the importance of sharing love amongst the community and your family. There are also a host of activities designed to embrace our “we are one” outlook. While traditionally an in-person course, we can also run this online for your team. 

Ready to find out more?

Of course, we know that in person team-building exercises are not always possible. That is why we offer a host of online activities alongside our in-person events, ensuring they are a fantastic way to start your Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Each of these experiences further supports the local community, with all earnings going directly back to the people living amongst them. 

Want to find out more and discover the magic of doing good? Get in touch today!