The ripple effect of good starts here

We firmly believe in the magic that comes from connecting people across the world. Through connection, we are able to bring people together and make them more conscious of their impact on others and on the planet.

We create networks of support inside communities by connecting people, businesses and institutions through acts of good. When something good happens to someone, they pay it forward by doing something good for someone else. We call this phenomenon “the ripple effect of change.” What starts as a small act of good ends up changing an entire community for the better.

The way this starts is with students. As the ripple grows, we connect their mothers to good. And as the ripple grows larger, we activate all of the other members of their community.

As of 2021, we have already started bringing communities together in The Netherlands and Mexico and plan to spread elsewhere in the coming years.


What starts as a small act of good ends up changing an entire community for the better.

Connecting students to good

By connecting faraway students to each other through acts of good, we can start a ripple effect of good to bring about a more united future.


Connecting women to good

Women are the connectors of community. When we connect women together in a network of good, they pass on the benefits of that connection to their communities.


Connecting business to good

We help direct businesses and institutions towards better ways to use their efforts, time and money.  The way that we can do that is by connecting the right business to their perfect act of good, where all parties involved can benefit.



We believe that changing the world happens one act of good at a time, no matter how big or small.

Our events bring people together around different acts of good they can do for themselves, for others and for the planet. Holding events around the world provides an opportunity for people to connect to each other.

After all, the ripple effect of good can only extend outward if people are connected to one another. These events are meant to facilitate that connection while, at the same time, uplift people through both big and small acts of good.

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28 February 2022
Act of good
Mexico City, Mexico
Willemstad, Curacao
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bucarest, Romania
28 April 2022
Workshop with Iztapalapa Women
Iztapalapa, Mexico City
27 April 2022
Awareness workshop with students
Iztacalco and Iztapalapa, Mexico City
08 May 2022
Workshop with Iztapalapa Women
Iztapalapa, Mexico City
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Our impact

We use the theory of change model to evaluate our projects in order to understand and measure our overall impact.

Connections made
Countries connected
Acts of good exchanged
Ripples started
Peoples’ Consciousness raised
Renewed Feelings of Purpose
Dreams on their way to being realised
Moments spent in the present
Connections to the Natural World Formed
Equality felt
Hope for the future
Smiles exchanged

SDG goals reached

We focus on issues directly linked to 9 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are committed to helping the UN reach these goals and work towards a more equitable, just future for all people.