We offer experiences that connect you to many different ways to do good for yourself, for others and for the earth.

Step outside your comfort zone with these life changing experiences!

Start your own ripple of good together with your team, friends or family.
Online and in-person options available in Mexico City and The Netherlands.

These activities are perfect for business team-building.

*Earnings made for carrying out these services will go directly to the person who provided the service. This is one of the many ways that we support communities and organisations around the world.

**A percentage goes back to ANIMA to support our many projects and to cover the costs associated with providing these services.

Acts of good for yourself and for the earth


Mexico City

Feel the Earth under your feet

Join Señor Octavio in Los Dinamos forest to meditate, learn traditional Nahuatl dance and song, and to take part in a traditional temazcal ceremony. With his guidance, Octavio hopes to impart mindfulness onto you while you learn about his rich culture.


Mexico City

Learn the history of Prehispanic instruments and the origins of Prehispanic music

Señor Ruben will help you to construct some Pre-hispanic instruments of your own using natural resources like mud. He will also give you a demonstration of how these instruments can be played.


Mexico City

Sharing Recipes

Learn to cook traditional Mexican meals from women who have done it all their lives! You will be sent all the food that will be used in each recipe alongside a recipe and an invite to the online tutorial.


Holistic plant healing

Learn from horticulture specialist Señora Olga how to make personal care products out of the plants you have around your house.

She’ll teach you how to make environmentally-friendly cleaning products and cosmetics!

In-person and online

Amsterdam and The Hague in The Netherlands & Mexico City, Mexico

'We are one' Consciousness-building

This workshop will feature the 7 acts of good and will teach you tools and skills that help you to live in the moment, make connections with the natural world and foster empowerment.


Mexico City

Flavours of the earth

Learn the story of regional Mexican cuisine and then cook some! This workshop focuses on Entomofagia, or the consumption of insects to make various foods. The bulk of what you will learn how to make will consist of insects and fresh fruits & vegetables.

Acts of good for others and for the earth


Mexico City

Connect to a community & donate clothes

Travel to a community to donate clothes. On the way, Cesar will explain the history of the community you are on your way to visit. In doing so, you will learn by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.


Amsterdam and The Hague in The Netherlands & Mexico City

Volunteer in your community

Do volunteer work in a local community with your colleagues or team. We can help direct you towards projects that need help in your area. Anything from volunteering at a food bank, a senior centre, a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.


Mexico City

Connect with a public school

Build a connection with a public school that is part of our student connection project.