Ānima activates the good in all of us through programs and experiences that bring together communities across the world.


We bring people together around the idea of doing good for themselves, for others and for the earth.

Ānima is the magic that happens when you do good.

What we believe in

Connecting the good

There is good in all of us. By connecting people through acts of good, they can learn from each other. We can build a more united future surrounded by ripple effects of good that start small but have big impacts.

Everyone can do good

The magic of doing good is that everyone is capable of doing it. No matter where you come from or where you’re going, you can connect with the right people to create a positive impact on yourself, others and the earth.

Use business to do good

Using our network of good, we help direct businesses and institutions towards better ways to use their efforts,  time and money.  The way that we can do that is by connecting the right business to their perfect act of good, where all parties involved can benefit.

Program Connecting to Good

What starts as a small act of good ends up changing an entire community for the better.

Connecting students to good

By connecting faraway students to each other through acts of good, we can start a ripple effect of good to bring about a more united future.


Connecting women to good

Women are the connectors of community. When we connect women together in a network of good, they pass on the benefits of that connection to their communities.


Connecting Business to good

We know how confusing CSR can be, which is why our experienced team is here to help you understand how to do good for your local community. We offer a wide array of services.



Our alliances using business for doing good.


Are you looking for new experiences and to step out of your comfort zone? Do you want to boost corporate social responsibility and connect with local communities?
Ānima is here to help you

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28 June 2022
Act of good
Mexico City, Mexico
Willemstad, Curacao
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bucarest, Romania
28 June 2022
Workshop with Iztapalapa Women
Iztapalapa, Mexico City
27 July 2022
Awareness workshop with students
Iztacalco and Iztapalapa, Mexico City
08 July 2022
Workshop with Iztapalapa Women
Iztapalapa, Mexico City
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What people say about Ānima

I feel thankful for the opportunity to have shared this experience with students in the community, to be able to motivate them to follow their dreams. I really feel very good. Thank you very much Ánima and thank you to my manager at Tagsec for providing this chance for our team!

Tagsec, Connecting Business to Good

Without the donated computer I would not have been able to study for my COMIPEMS exam course, read books, and find more information about my assignments. In addition, the whole family occupies it, especially my sister who is studying at the university, she also uses it for her online classes. I can't wait to be connected to more good!

Connecting Students to Good

It is something magical, it is something that was missing in my life. It has been a different experience, it is a push in my life to dare to do things that used to scare me. I feel safe, brave and happy.

Connecting Women to Good

I am very happy and blessed with ANIMA, after the first event I participated, I feel more confident in myself. It's a safe place, they listen to me, I feel loved and accompanied by women who understand me. This experience has changed me, I feel different, not only to me but also to my whole family.

Connecting Women to Good

WOW! What an amazing experience I have everytime I join an Ánima event. A great way to spend a Saturday, giving me new thoughts on life and making me feel how much love there is around us!


An eye opening experience for myself and my team. Getting to know the community around the office and spending an amazing day with them has really made us feel more connected to what is happening around us. Thanks team Anima! 

Ironbit, Connecting Business to Good

The whole Anima experience is something truly magical for me. This internship helped me grow my personal and professional skills to a whole new level. I am so grateful for having such an opportunity, and I am also so happy that I was able to meet so many amazing people that now I can call friends.

Digital Marketing Intern


May 1, 2022
13 Tips on connecting back to nature

Spending our days staring at screens at home or in the office can be a bummer. It’s important that we figure out ways to stay present, even when our routine becomes very familiar and repetitive. A great way to create a healthy habit of staying present is by taking time each day to connect back to nature.