Ānima brings people together around the idea of doing good for themselves, for others and for the earth.

About us

We activate the good in all of us through real, positive, impactful projects and services that benefit all people and the planet.

Ānima is the magic that happens when you make the right connection

What we believe in

Connecting the good

There is good in all of us. By connecting people through acts of good, they can learn from each other. We can build a more united future surrounded by ripple effects of good that start small but have big impacts.

Everyone can do good

The magic of doing good is that everyone is capable of doing it. Rather than trying to have each person do the same kind of good, we help each individual find the way they contribute best.

Use business to do good

Using our network of good, we help direct businesses and institutions towards better ways to use their money, time and efforts. The way that we can do that is by connecting the right business to their perfect act of good, where all parties involved can benefit.


What starts as a small act of good ends up changing an entire community for the better.

Connecting students to good

By connecting faraway students to each other through acts of good, we can start a ripple effect of good to bring about a more united future.


Connecting women to good

Women are the connectors of community. When we connect women together in a network of good, they pass on the benefits of that connection to their communities.


Connecting to indigenous voices

The secrets to unlocking sustainable living aren’t hidden. When we connect to indigenous voices, we can use that knowledge to build a healthier, more sustainable future for all people and the planet.



We help companies navigate the business of doing good.


The many ways to do an act of good together with your team, friends or family. There are online and in-person options available.

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23 November 2021
Act of good in Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4 December 2021
Act of good for Jofiel
Casa Comunitaria, Iztacalco, Mexico City
11 December 2021
Women connection day
Casa de Jarillas, Mexico City
18 December 2021
Ānima Holiday
Casa de Jarillas, Mexico City
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November 25, 2021
Tips on connecting back to nature

Spending our days staring at screens at home or in the office can be a bummer. It’s important that we figure out ways to stay present, even when our routine becomes very familiar and repetitive. A great way to create a healthy habit of staying present is by taking time each day to connect back to nature.